Google introduces new features for YouTube

Google introduces new features for YouTube
Google is introducing a number of new features to YouTube. One is the YouTube Creator Studio. This will allow you to manage your downloads and also provides you with data that you can use to manage your video. As an example, Google tells us that Rebecca Black went on a school trip after she uploaded her song "Friday," not knowing that the video had gone viral. With the YouTube Creator Studio, something like this will not happen again. The app is available for Android users now, and will be coming to iOS in the coming weeks.

The YouTube Audio Library will now give you thousands of royalty-free sound effects that you can use for your videos. And in the upcoming months, YouTube will add support for videos in 48fps and 60fps. There are some preview videos playing at that speed in the YouTube Creator Studio for you to look at. And a new feature will enable you to receive financial support for your channel, from the fans who watch your videos. Click on the sourcelink and look under Fan Funding to sign up for this feature.

There are other new features coming, like the ability for YouTube content providers to use subtitles contributed by fans. This enables them to reach more people thanks to improved translations from people who speak the language, rather than from a machine.

The bottom line is that YouTube Creators will be able to offer higher quality content on videos produced using Android or iOS devices. And if you're lucky enough to have a video go viral, it can have a big impact on your wallet. And that is why it is important that YouTube Creators continue sending feedback to Google, so that it can provide important updates like the one it has just announced.

source: Google


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