Google finds that teenagers are more likely to use voice search than adults

Google finds that teenagers are more likely to use voice search than adults
Google has released an infographic that reveals the results of a survey of 1400 teens and adults with a smartphone. The goal is to see who is using voice search, and why. As it turns out, 55% of teens employ the feature at least once a day, as opposed to 41% of adults who use it daily. The figure for teens rises to 75% for those youngsters who use their smartphone more than 11 hours a day.

So just what are teens and adults using voice search for? Both use it to ask for directions (38% teens, 40% adults). But while 31% of teens use voice search to help them do homework, 39% of adults use it to dictate texts. As to where we use voice search, 22% of teens and 15% of the grown-ups use voice search in the bathroom. Both age groups do have something in common. They both use voice search the most, while watching television.

Voice Search, which includes virtual personal assistants like Google Now, Siri and Cortana, is cool according to 79% of teens. Even 63% of adults say the same thing. 45% of the teens wished that voice search could send them a pizza while 44% of adults want it to help find their keys. Ironically, there are apps and accessories that will help both sides get what they want.

If you're interested in how voice search is used by teens and adults, and to see how you fit in with the results of the survey, check out the slideshow below!

source: Google

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