Google announces the official Android blog

Google announces the official Android blog
Google loves them some blogs. Followers of El Goog have long been able to search through the companies hundreds of official blogs for information ranging from their legal stances, to search algorithm updates, to mobile products. But there had never been an official blog dedicated to Android – it always was lumped into the mobile blog, which covers the entire range of Google products across all mobile platforms.

Until now that is, as Google used their mobile blog to announce the creation of an official blog dedicated to Google’s Android announcements. The blog received something of an artificial history by reproducing many of the major Android announcements made on the mobile blog, but it really got its start today with the announcement of a major overhaul of Google Wallet.

Google’s official blogs aren’t made to be daily reads – they only post when they have a product or service to announce. And you can rest assured that any exciting information posted there will finds its way onto our pages along with the rest of the day’s mobile news. Still, if you’re the type that likes to check constantly for new information, or are just curious to see what Google will do with their new blog devoted to the little green robot, head to the source link to check it out.

source: Google 1,2 via Droid-Life

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