Google Play Instant for mobile games: Try before you buy

With the Game Developers Conference opening today in San Francisco, Google is focusing its Google Play Instant feature on mobile gaming apps, allowing a device owner to try out a game before actually installing it on his/her phone. Not every game will support "Instant." You will have to find one in the Google Play Store with a button that says "Try Me" embedded in the listing.

Tap the "Try Me" button and the game becomes available for you to sample without any of the apps' files getting installed on the handset. While you are testing out the game, an "Install" button stays on the screen, just daring for you to click on it so that you can download and install the game.

Only six games have the feature available now, but Google is working with developers and game publishers to add Google Play Instant to more titles. The games that currently support Google Play Instant are:

  • Clash Royale
  • Words With Friends 2
  • Solitaire
  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
  • Bubble With 3 Saga
  • Mighty Battles

Want to see Google Play Instant in action? We thought you might. That is why we embedded the video at the top of the story; tap on it to play the clip. There is no reason to thank us, it is just what we do.

source: Google


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