Google is unable to fulfill all Pixel and Pixel XL orders in a timely manner

Google is unable to fulfill all Pixel and Pixel XL orders in a timely manner
Google started taking pre-orders for the Pixel and Pixel XL immediately after announcing them, on October 4. Unfortunately, although both phones started to ship on October 19, many users are disappointed to find out that their orders - placed via Google Store - aren't arriving too soon.

There's a full thread over a Reddit where Pixel customers are reporting that their handsets are scheduled to ship as late as the second half of November, even in the case of pre-orders placed in the first half of October. Most problems seem to be related to the Pixel XL, although the regular Pixel is also arriving late for some customers. 9to5Google has it that the “shipping department is running 3 weeks behind” - at least for Pixel units ordered via Project Fi. At the same time, a number of customers are noting that, although Google did ship their Pixel, the phone hasn't reached them because FedEx is in no rush to deliver it.

We must mention that we ourselves already received a Quite Black Pixel 32 GB yesterday, October 24, after placing a rather late pre-order on October 13 (with express shipping). Maybe we were lucky.

Last week, on October 19, Google stated the following:

Have you ordered a Pixel or Pixel XL? If yes, did you receive it, or has it still not made its way out of Google's warehouses?

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