Google Photos will now recognize Luna, Fuzzy and your other pets

Google is rolling out today a change to Google Photos that will allow you to search for images of your pets by name. No longer will you have to type in "dog" or "cat" to find pictures of your pets. Now, you can find pictures of them right alongside pictures of the people in your life. You can then label pictures of your pets with their names which should make it easier for you to find those adorable photographs that you took of them. You can also search for pets by breed and by using an emoji.

You can make a "movie" starring your pets by finding the pictures you've taken of them using the new search feature, and select your favorite shots. Tap on "+" to create a movie of your pets. You can change the default soundtrack by swapping to one of the six pet-oriented musical choices found in the movie editor.

So go ahead and start labeling those pictures of Luna, Fuzzy, Tofu, Fluffy, Bobby and Skitty. Once you've finished tagging those shots, calling up pictures of an individual pet will be as simple as typing in his or her name.

source: Google
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