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Google Glass now comes out of the box with 2GB of RAM

Google Glass now comes out of the box with 2GB of RAM
A Google+ post from the Google Glass account, highlighted some of the changes made to the connected specs over the last year. Forgetting for a  moment that the wearable will now come with 2GB of RAM, double the amount that Glass had shipped with, there have been other improvements made as a result of feedback from Glass users.

For example, battery life on Google Glass has been extended by 20% over the last 12 months. Voice search is now 10% faster, and Glass now comes with support for prescription lens and frames.

You can now frame your pictures on Glass easier by saying "Ok glass, show the viewfinder." You will see four "L's," with one in each corner (see the picture below) so that you can frame the shot. To snap the photo, say "Ok glass, take a picture," wink, or press the camera button. And two new Google Now cards are available for Glass. One reminds you where you have parked your car, while the other tells you when you have a package coming.

With Google I/O 2014 just hours away from starting, we should be hearing more about Google Glass over the next two days.

source: Google via PocketLint


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