Google Drive arrives on iOS, documents now support offline editing

Google Drive arrives on iOS, documents now support offline editing
Google Drive has now finally arrived for iOS - the application will work on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The native Drive application comes with all the features you’ve probably heard it has on Android including the awesome optical character recognition (OCR) that works with both text and photos.

But the biggest news is that Google Documents now finally works for editing offline. When you edit a document, it will be first locally cached and then automatically synced online.

Back to the OCR feature - it makes searches extremely easy. It will automatically scan your PDF documents for text, so you can search for text even if you haven’t manually typed it. Another use case will be images which leverages Google’s images knowledge and if you have a picture of - say - a pyramid, you just type “pyramid” in the search box and it will find it. No tags, nothing, everything happens automatically.

Just as you’d expect, you can save documents for offline use and the Google Drive application supports real-time collaboration in the cloud. Check out the images below and make sure to bookmark this article - we’ll update you with the link for Google Drive on the App Store once it lands there.

source: Google

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