Google Currents pre-installed in Android 4.1

Google Currents pre-installed in Android 4.1 OTA update
Stylized news reader Google Currents has been available in the Google Play Store since December. The app now has some competition since the Android variant of Flipboard has launched. But Google Current has something that Flipboard doesn't which is a developer-parent that produces the leading smartphone OS in the world. Google is taking advantage of this, according to an email sent to its partners, by adding Google Currents as a pre-installed application on all versions of Google 4.1.

Google expects its action to result in a multitude of new Currents users, although by taking away your choice, it also takes away some of your storage space. Originally released late last year for Android and iOS, Google Currents takes your news feeds and converts them into a magazine style read. It also includes some default selections for your perusal. And now, with this news, Google Currents joins the Google family of apps found on the vast majority of Android devices.

source: AndroidCentral

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