Gaming on a smartphone - how important is it for you? (Poll)

Gaming on a smartphone - how important is it for you? (Poll)
Smartphones with dual-core processors are knocking on the door, their screens are becoming bigger and bigger, and we all know what this means - more opportunities for gaming. Furthermore, Sony is expected to unveil the XPERIA Play (a.k.a. the PlayStation Phone) during MWC, and yesterday it announced PlayStation Suite for Android, which is expected to appear by year-end.

It's pretty obvious that the future of mobile gaming is bright, and even RIM - a company known for putting the emphasize on business and security rather than games and entertainment - reiterated again and again that it's focusing on more fun-oriented devices, starting with the PlayBook. Moreover, it's hard to believe that Apple - the current leader in smartphone gaming - will be content to lag behind the rest of the pack, so we can expect much from the Cupertino-based company.

Now that it's obvious gaming on smartphones is growing in popularity in alarming rates, it's time to ask you...

Gaming on a smartphone - how important is it for you?

Very important. When you are on the go, that's the thing to do. And when you are not on the go, that's the thing to do too.
Well, it's not important, but sometimes there is nothing better than to kill them ugly piggies with the Angry Birds. It relieves the stress, you know?
To cite Guru: "I've got no time to play, got to make moves with no delay, man!" That says it all...


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