Gaming on a smartphone - how important is it for you? (Poll)

Gaming on a smartphone - how important is it for you? (Poll)
Smartphones with dual-core processors are knocking on the door, their screens are becoming bigger and bigger, and we all know what this means - more opportunities for gaming. Furthermore, Sony is expected to unveil the XPERIA Play (a.k.a. the PlayStation Phone) during MWC, and yesterday it announced PlayStation Suite for Android, which is expected to appear by year-end.

It's pretty obvious that the future of mobile gaming is bright, and even RIM - a company known for putting the emphasize on business and security rather than games and entertainment - reiterated again and again that it's focusing on more fun-oriented devices, starting with the PlayBook. Moreover, it's hard to believe that Apple - the current leader in smartphone gaming - will be content to lag behind the rest of the pack, so we can expect much from the Cupertino-based company.

Now that it's obvious gaming on smartphones is growing in popularity in alarming rates, it's time to ask you...

Gaming on a smartphone - how important is it for you?

Very important. When you are on the go, that's the thing to do. And when you are not on the go, that's the thing to do too.
Well, it's not important, but sometimes there is nothing better than to kill them ugly piggies with the Angry Birds. It relieves the stress, you know?
To cite Guru: "I've got no time to play, got to make moves with no delay, man!" That says it all...



1. SunnyVZW unregistered

I just want VZW to get WP7 phones already I want my achievements on the go

2. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008

Gotta say I love gaming on my iPhone. It's come a long way and now games with quality that matches xbl arcade, psnetwork, and wii/dsi ware are super common. Games matching handhelds and even consoles in quality are starting to be more and more common, Like infinity blade, SF4, and dead space. Plus all the retro games like shinobi 3. Gaming on my nexus 1 however shows me android has a long way to go. They need the help from Sony to catch up.

8. omg ....NO!!!!! unregistered

Games matching handheld and console games??? Swipe your fingers off-infinity blade, non 3d moron controls-sf4. wooden man-dead space. ROFLCOPTER. Games on phones will never match those on dedicated handheld game devices. No buttons, no dedicated software medium means they never will (unless your device has 250 gb of onboard memory youll never fit many games on there. Thats why phone games are just casual games without a lot of depth.

3. YourPhoneSucks unregistered

Nice Guru Reference! R.I.P. Guru

4. Slammer

Posts: 1515; Member since: Jun 03, 2010

My opinionated perspective my fall short here, but because of my age, I will offer my side anyway. I will no longer support Apple with business transactions. I have been down their road before and find Android far more tolerant in allowing me to download what I want, when I want. This is what my generation has fought for and why millions of us left Apple years ago. To get our point across to Apple and other businesses to acknowledge that we are the ones that can make or break a corporation. The younger generation has made Apple strong due to infatuation of the iPhone. Everything we fought for has been negated. Anyways, I will digress and move on. Because of my age, I find mobile gaming is NOT a prerequisite in keeping me entertained. However, I do occassionallly partake in games once in awhile. With all this said, while my opinions of Apple are of negative views of personal preference and dealings, I must interject that I think Apple is in no way behind in gaming apps and programs. It always appears that this is the market that they have tried to embrace by the Apps they put forth in their market. I feel they have more game choices than other platforms. Just what I view anyway. So while gaming may not be important to me as a whole, it think this partially what has brought Apple to the forefront. 1) The younger generation that did not have to deal with Apple in my day. They have found a love in something that was not available before in the wireless world. 2) itunes. 3) Wide selection of Apps. 4) The gaming choices within those App offerings. Android has proven that it is not to be taken lightly. The App market has exploded in offering an abundance of apps and choices. The OS has become more balanced and reliable. I will never return to Apple. However: I respect the lovers of Today's Apple. Because of this, I feel the need to correct an impression that Apple is behind in the arena of gaming. I believe they are ahead in this area. John B.

5. TKFox007

Posts: 303; Member since: Nov 02, 2010

Games on phones are really like back in the Atari days, where you don't beat the games but you just keep going for a high score. Games like Doodlejump, Fruit Ninja, even Snake, you just keep going until you lose. There's no actual story to the games as it's all more arcade orientated of just keep going until you lose. We're not really going to see anything like Left 4 Dead or Mario on the mobile platform except for a few titles. I know Dead Space and Sonic 4 are on iOS but that's it for main stream console/computer titles that I can name off the top of my head. It's mostly indie games, which isn't bad, but smartphone gaming is really just for passing time while you wait for something without actually accomplishing anything but getting a higher score. But we're not far from seeing something akin to console gaming like Fable for example and beating a final boss.

7. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008

There are actually dozens upon dozens of story driven games. If you search Through RPGs in the app store you will fond tons of classic 2d jRPGs. Like the inotia series, the remake of the classic sega cd title Vay, heroes lore, and the final fantasy 1&2 remakes. More modern remakes like the iOS exclusive chaos rings from square-enix, and traditional dungeon romps like ravensword which is akin to elder scrolls. Even those that mirror bethesdas RPGs set in the d&d universe. And that's just RPGs There are tons of quality first person shooters. N.O.V.A. And it's sequel come to mind first. The obvious rip-off-but-damn-good modern combat series. Even battlefield bad company 2. Call of duty:world at war's Nazi zombie mode has been porter as a full-fledged multiplayer zombie killing bonanza complete with dlc maps. These FPS's are also story driven. And I think the current best example would be from EPIC games subsidiary chair entertainment. Their game Infinity Blade has utilizes the unreal engine 3 technology to the fullest giving us graphics and textures, effects and animations that are equal, yes equal to console gaming. With a story to boot. My point is obvious. There is no shortage of story driven games on iOS. And this was just a fraction of good story based gaming on iOS. I hate to sound like too much of a fanboy but these are out there. And this isn't just to toot apples horn. Because finally android makers are starting to take notice and in a year or so we will have a full blown console war. That's when we all start to win as gamers.

6. GrammerAddict unregistered

Really Phone Arena? Who edits and proofreads these articles? " RELIEFS the stress...?" I think RELIEVES is the right term here. This site is getting sloppy with its stories and delivery.

9. Batman3030

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 30, 2011

My Evo is the perfect portable gaming device since I rooted it and installed wiimote controller. Now I can use my wiimote to control my gba, snes, genisis, and psx roms. Zelda, street fighter II, super Mario world, f zero, metroid, Contra, etc.. every classic game without touch controls. Free. You can't beat that.

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