PlayStation Suite to bring the PS magic to your Android phone

PlayStation Suite to bring the PS magic to your Android phone
Today, all eyes were focused on the PlayStation event in Tokyo, and if you were waiting for the official PlayStation Phone (XPERIA Play) announcement, then you are surely disappointed, since no official word was uttered on this topic.

However, that's not to say that a big mobile-related unveiling didn't take central stage there, since a new initiative by the name of PlayStation Suite was announced.

According to Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), the general purpose behind “PlayStation Suite”  is to deliver PlayStation-quality “content” to the world of Android (actually, to the world of Android 2.3 and beyond). Sounds good to us, but how's it going to happen?

First of all, Sony is to let other device manufacturers join the game, with a special “PlayStation Certified” license program, through which it will provide them with development support and logo-licensing. So that settles with the hardware part.

But what about the “content” part? Starting this year, PlayStation Suite content should include original PlayStation one classics, while a new game development environment will let third-party developers create fresh titles for the service. Fortunately for devs, games developed using the new environment will also be compatible with the next-gen Sony PlayStation portable, so that increases their potential market. By the looks of it, PlayStation Suite content will be accessible through the above-mentioned PlayStation Certified devices that are going to be rolled out. This isn't 100% certain though, so there's still a slight chance that other Android devices might be able to take advantage of the fun in some way.

Finally, a PlayStation Store is planned, which, as it seems, will serve as a centralized hub for PlayStation Suite content.

Are you excited about this prospect of Android getting a much-needed push in the quality gaming area? Sound of in the comments below!

source: Sony


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