Galaxy S8 or S8+ feels sluggish? Try these 6 basic tips & tricks before you file a warranty claim


Well, stuff happens. You buy yourself a shiny new Android flagship and at first, you're all but awed by the raw performance that feels liberating. It's quite likely that for 95% of all users, the sense of using a proper high-end smartphone will continue for a long, long time. Yet, there is a fraction of the users that might run into specific issues, all of which could be attributed to lag and a general retardation of the handset. That will be especially true if you hog down the storage of the handset with tons of bloaty apps.

Sadly, all of that also applies to the Galaxy S8/S8+ as well.

Power users, tweak aficionados, and know-it-all tech heads, before you grab the pitchforks and torches with the intention of pointing them in our general direction, let us get things straight with a disclaimed - the following guide is mostly aimed at regular Joes and plain Janes that simply don't know their way around that good.

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