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Size won't be the only difference between the Note 10 and 10+ but cameras too

Size won't be the only difference between the Note 10 and 10+ but cameras too
The Galaxy Note 10 Unpacked announcement is not until August and the release will likely go into September, but the rumor mill is already churning tips and speculation at full speed. We learned the other day that Samsung may be so content with its strategy to split the S10 line into four tiers depending on the features and the resulting price that it will also go this route with the Note 10. 

Thus, the S-Pen warrior with a 6.75" display that was agreed on by Samsung's production team back in December, could be joined by a smaller Note 10 for some markets that have fallen for that most compact of Samsung's spring flagship quartet - the S10e - and made it a runaway sales success there. Will there be any other differences besides the overall dimensions between the two Note models, and will the smaller one be called Note 10e? Well, we can't answer the second part of that question but there are some new details regarding the first.

Note 10 vs Note 10+ camera specs

As if there was any logic-defying doubt, Korean media is probing its Samsung supply chain sources today to learn that the Note 10 will land with the hexa-camera set of the Galaxy S10 5G. That's four cameras at the rear and two at the front or a record in the industry, as the Nokia 9 PureView also has six cameras, just five on the back. 

The rumored smaller Note 10 version, however, which is said to be destined mainly for the European market, is coming with a penta-camera, most likely without the time-of-flight sensor. Thus, the Note 10e, or whatever it gets named, is likely to inherit the camera kit of the Galaxy S10+, while the Note 10 (or 10+, depends on how it ends up named) will add the ToF camera that is on the S10 5G.

In fact, the Korean publication claims that the quad-camera arrangement on the back of the Note 10 will be horizontal, or exactly the same as on Samsung's most powerful member of the S10 tribe. The company issued the first quad-camera phone with the A9 (2018), but its sensors and lenses are arranged vertically, one below the other.

Note 10 vs Note 10+ pricing

Will the Europeans be mad they won't get the depth-sensing camera of the larger Note 10? We'd wager to guess not too much if their version of the S-Pen carrier is more compact, easier to handle, and at a lesser price than the souped-up 10. 

Moreover, the ToF camera is yet to prove itself in battle - the Galaxy S10 5G will be released tomorrow in South Korea to take advantage of the nationwide 5G network rollout there, and we are yet to shoot some portrait shots and bokeh samples with it.

Long story short, the Note 10 is already shaping up to be the most powerful star in the Galaxy, as can be expected. The Samsung Galaxy, that is, as it will sport the best that the company can offer - a huge 6.7" Dynamic AMOLED display, most likely a 12GB RAM/1TB storage version, giant battery, and, surprise, surprise, a hexa-camera kit that covers all the photographic bases there are. 

The twist this year, however, is that we might very well see a smaller, funkier version that could come with a lesser price tag as Samsung cuts corners where it won't make a big impact, such as ToF camera presence that likely won't affect your decision to buy if you are into more compact phones like the Europeans apparently are. The icing on that rumor cake is that we now know how the Note 10 camera might behave, judging from our S10+ samples, and will soon learn what the Note 10+ quad set on the back is capable of when we get the S10 5G. Good times. 
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