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Future Honor phones to get “up to 24 months” of software updates

Huawei Mobile USA earlier today announced that it is committing itself to deliver “up to 24 months” of software updates for upcoming phones by its sub-brand Honor. That's quite the promise, considering how quickly some smartphone makers abandon their products these days.

A Google+ post by Huawei USA Ecommerce Customer Acquisition Manager Taylor Wimberly from earlier today, outlines in short how future Honor-branded smartphones will be treated to regular software updates, including timely security and bug patches.

The new scheme is supposed to come into play this year, and will provide Honor users with “up to 24 months” worth of regular software updates, including new feature updates “at least once every three months” during the first 12 months, followed by continued – albeit surely less frequent – safety and security patches beyond the two-year mark. The wording on that promise is a bit vague, and it's not clear how frequent the updates will be after the first 24 months, but the company will most likely commit itself to patching out more serious threats in a less frequent manner. Still, that's quite a promise just ahead of Honor 8's launch and we sincerely hope that Huawei/Honor makes good on it.

Continued software support, or the lack thereof, is one of the biggest scourges of the Android world, and although we are seeing more and more manufacturers put forth increasingly greater efforts to amend this, the current status quo of severe Android fragmentation is still a difficult beast to battle.

source: Google+
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