Forrester Research flip flops on iPhone, says it is better than BlackBerry for enterprise

Forrester Research flip flops on iPhone, says it is better than BlackBerry for enterprise
Forrester Research has complied a report that arrives at a definite conclusion about the iPhone's usability as a business tool, the bottom line being a complete reversal of their opinion and a flip-flop on their previous report findings. Having called the device too expensive and lacking security options in their previous report, the research firm now claims companies should consider Apple's touchscreen device for their networks instead of Windows Mobile or BlackBerry devices. Actually, many users now prefer getting intranet online content on the iPhone with its quite intuitive Safari pack as compared to the 'Berry's browser that makes surfing the Internet a "chore". Forrester's report mentioned how Apple's 2.x firmware upgrades eliminated most of the security concerns that the research company had had with the iPhone and even cited a few companies, such as Kraft and Oracle, that had been allowing employees to use the iPhone to the benefit of their report conclusion. The handset is considered easier to use and maintain and not last, less expensive to run alongside of other smartphones. Kraft have switched over to the Apple device to support a change in corporate culture and insist that employees using the iPhone are much happier than they used to be before the change. The software giant Oracle has come up with a few apps for the phone that permit mobile use of their business CRM tools. Certain problems still remain though, such as short battery life and lack of copy and paste functions that will be addressed when the 3.0 upgrade is released this summer. Forrester reseachers also add that the BlackBerry phones still have clear advantages in areas like calendaring and email, but everything else is better on the iPhone.

source: AppleInsider

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