Foresee is a weather app and scheduler that tells you what the time will be like for your vacation days


Developer: BorderLeap LLC Download: iOS
Category: Weather Price: $0.99

Weather apps are a dime-a-dozen, subject to ridicule from all the "just look out the window" types. But the plateau in this category is yet to be reached. Say, what if a weather app not only knew your favorite outdoor activities, but also your preferred weather conditions for engaging in them? And even better, use this data to predict the best times for your activities and give you notifications in advance?

Foresee is that app. Combining your preferences with accurate weather data, the app is designed to provide information for planning things ahead. It presents the precious info through an attractive, modern interface that ties neatly with iOS 9's visual style. With it, you can easily assess the current daytime conditions and plan your weekly schedule. You can also use Foresee to schedule custom activities and events in multiple cities and places around the world, applying attractive themes to each.

Additionally, Foresee is useful for making personalized one-time or recurring events, incorporating weather preferences important to you. There's hour-by-hour weather data for seven days ahead, with activities and events able to be added for dates into the future. If, say, you have an outdoor event in a couple weeks, you can easily schedule it and get notified when reliable weather data is available.

Foresee costs $0.99 and is iOS only for some reason. Why no love for the Green bot, fellas?


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