For the new trial, Judge Koh orders Samsung and Apple to narrow their claims

For the new trial, Judge Koh orders Samsung and Apple to narrow their claims
Just as she did last year before Apple and Samsung squared off in the first epic patent infringement trial, Judge Lucy Koh is ordering both sides to narrow the number of claims that both sides will present in the sequel, which is expected to start in March 2014. Judge Koh once again will be presiding over the trial. The first one resulted in a jury verdict in favor of Apple to the tune of $1.05 billion. Apple sought to have that amount increased, Samsung asked for a new trial, and both requests were denied. Samsung is still appealing the original jury decision.

Before the first trial and even during it, Judge Koh asked both sides to reduce the number of claims and even set a time limit on the testimony that each side could put on. The new trial is also about alleged patent infringement, but includes the latest and greatest devices from both sides including the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III. The Judge is ordering both sides to limit their cases to 25 products and 25 claims

The second trial could be delayed until an appeals court rules on Apple appeal of Judge Koh's refusal to place sales bans on some of Samsung's products. The Judge feels that the Appeals Court ruling could suffice as a verdict on the second trial since it would cover issues that are included in the second case. Apple's attorney disagrees with Judge Koh while Samsung's attorney feels that she is right.

source: Bloomberg

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