Fake Angry Birds Space app for Android is a Trojan Horse as it sneaks in malware

Fake Angry Birds Space app for Android is a Trojan Horse as it sneaks in malware
Android totin' fans of the Angry Birds games need to be careful when installing the latest version of the game on their phone from Google Play. According to digital security firm Sophos, fake versions of Angry Birds Space are hiding malware inside two JPEG files associated with the game. Once installed, the phoney app installs additional malware on your phone which becomes part of a botnet and can be controlled and used for hacker operations. One of the most recent hacker ops is one that forces your phone to make calls to premium numbers owned by the hackers involved. On Thursday, we told you about malware named UpdtBot that is disguised as a software update. This download sends out malware via your SMS messages. Those targeted by this malware are sent a link to what is called "a needed software update".

To make sure that you are not downloading poison into your smartphone,it is a good idea to always check the app's developer. If you have installed Angry Birds Space, double check to make sure that it came from Rovio. If not, it might behoove you to back up all of your important data and securely wipe your phone. Earlier this year, Google announced a feature for what was then called the Android Market. Called "Bouncer", the feature was to do exactly what you would expect, analyzing new apps to keep out malware, spyware and trojan horses. Bouncer also analyzes new developer accounts to make sure that problem developers aren't using a new name to ply their old game. Just like at those hot clubs, sometimes the Bouncer is distracted and someone gets in that shouldn't have.

Thanks to our tipster, Daphne!

source: Gizmodo

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