New Android malware spreads by SMS, disguised as software update

New Android malware spreads by SMS, disguised as software update
A new Android malware has surfaced that disguises itself as a system update. The malware, called UpdtBot, has been discovered by the NQ Mobile Security Research Center. UpdtBot spreads though SMS messages. Victims will receive a text containing a link to the threat accompanied by a message that indicates the link is for a needed system upgrade.

Once installed, UpdtBot communicates back to a remote Command and Control server, which then has the ability to send text messages, make phones calls, and download and install additional apps.

NQ Mobile estimates that up to 160,000 devices may already be infected, but is unsure as to how it is being used by those that spread the infection. Their guess is that it is being deployed for use in some sort of moneymaking scheme.

As with most Android threats, and not unlike most PC safety practices, it is important to only download applications from trusted, reputable sources, check reviews and ratings before downloading an app, review the permissions of an app prior to installation, and be aware of any unusual activity on your device. For more information on protecting your Android device from threats, check out our guide – Android malware protection: a guide for the paranoid.

source: NQ Mobile via AndroidAuthority

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