Evleaks: smaller iPhone 6c may be announced together with the 6s and 6s Plus

Evleaks: smaller iPhone 6c may be announced together with the 6s and 6s Plus
Apple is heavily rumored to return to the smaller iPhone form factor with an iPhone 5c heir, codenamed iPhone 6c by the tech blogosphere. Unlike its predecessor, this eventual handset is said to sport a more premium, metal body, and was believed prepped for release some time in the first half of next year, perhaps together with an iPad line successor.

Yesterday, however, renowned tipster Evan Blass from @evleaks fame, claimed something else entirely. "Sounds like iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and 6c will all arrive concurrently," he tweeted, and went tight-lipped on the sources of this information. Given that Mr Blass has a pretty good track record of being right, we will be waiting with bated breath come next month, to see if Apple will indeed announce the largest upgrade to its portfolio of phones ever, releasing something for everyone's screen diagonal taste.

In any case, little else is known about the handset, apart from an alleged leaked metal chassis, and an increased 1715 mAh battery capacity, compared to its iPhone 5c predecessor's 1500 mAh unit. The chipset inside is also tipped to come made with the FinFET technology, using either Samsung's 14nm production method, or TSMC's 16nm one. Along with the potential 4" display, the iPhone 6c is shaping up to be a powerful little handset, but let's wait and see if Apple will indeed announce something like that on September 9th, which for now is the latest rumored date for its annual unveiling event this year.

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