Everything you want to know about the HTC HD2 in a video

Everything you want to know about the HTC HD2 in a video
If after watching all 9 minutes and 53 seconds of this video, you are not thinking about what you are going to do in the next few months to get the HTC HD2, then you might need to see the doctor. This video gives you an amazingly thorough tour of the handset. The handset is awaiting a final ROM expected on October 16th according to ai.rs, the source of this video and other news about this phone. Everything seems to be running smoothly and the screen is quite responsive and snappy. Battery life is said to be worse than the Touch Diamond2, but better than the original Touch Diamond which translates into about 2 days of life with normal usage. We are hoping that HTC CEO Peter Chou wasn't whistling dixie when he said that the unit was heading for a U.S. launch in the first quarter. The U.S. carrier that gets this model is going to have a real powerhouse on its' hand. Anyone mentally mapping out their plan to pick up one of these puppies?

HTC HD2 Specifications

source: ai.rs

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