Even Meizu doesn't know what to do with the MX6, leaked internal emails reveal


This year, there may be a bit of confusion in Meizu's smartphone lineup. For a quick recap – the MX phones are usually the more “regularly-sized” ones, with displays hovering between the 5.1” to 5.5” mark. Then, we have the Pro phones, which are what the Note series are to Samsung — a beefier version, which gets released some months after the flagship, with a larger display and a slight hardware upgrade.

Given the established trend, we were a bit surprised when Meizu released the Pro 6 in April this year, with a (comparatively) small 5.2” display, and just 5 months after the Pro 5 was launched. To further the confusion, rumors are persistently suggesting that the upcoming Meizu MX6 will have a screen larger than the one on the Pro 6, measuring at 5.5”, and an alleged photo of the back of the MX6 shows that it pretty much looks like the Pro 6.

So, the tables have turned for the devices, with the Pro 6 now looking like the company's flagship, with the beefiest hardware specs in Meizu's portfolio, and a manageable screen size. Meanwhile, the MX6 looks like it will take up the phablet slot, but will continue the tradition of being slightly weaker, hardware-wise.

Sounds like a confusing and pointless change, doesn't it? While we did give Meizu the benefit of the doubt and thought that the manufacturer may have a new idea and a plan for developing its portfolio in some new, fresh way, it looks like even the company isn't sure what it's doing with its top-tier smartphones.

A recently leaked internal email shows that Meizu CEO Zhang Huang is not really happy with the phone's likeness to the already available Pro 6. He continued to say that if the MX series is going to be that similar to the Pro series, the company might as well just scrap the MX devices altogether.

This is not the first time we've heard that the Meizu MX phones might go the way of the dodo. Around this time last year, VP Li Nan suggested that the company may be working on a super-premium handset, which would kill off the MX line. However, it seems that was either a false rumor, or is a route that Meizu decided not to take.

After the internal email made the rounds, CEO Zhang Huang took to social media Weibo to say that, despite using the same design as the Pro 6, the Meizu MX6 is the best MX-series smartphone yet. Essentially, he doesn't want people to interpret whatever he said in that internal email as meaning that the MX6 is a bad smartphone, but he definitely counts the fact that it looks like an already existing product as a blunder. We wonder why this wasn't addressed on time, while the MX6 was still in its early stages?

The Meizu MX6 is expected to be unveiled on the 19th of July with a MediaTek Helio X20 SoC, 32 GB / 64 GB storage variants with 3 GB / 4 GB of respective RAM, and a 20.7 MP / 8 MP camera combo. We can't help it but keep our fingers crossed that it might have a Flame Red finish on launch.

source: GizmoChina

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