Early examples of Windows Phone 7 apps

Early examples of Windows Phone 7 apps
It has become clear that if you want to have a successful operating system (be it mobile or not), you also need to have an extensive application catalog accompanying it. Judging by its actions, Microsoft seems to have understood that and it will surely invest a lot in order to attract as many Windows Phone 7 developers as possible.

We have already seen some 3D games run on WP7, although we weren't exactly stunned. Now it's time to check out some other, simpler apps that developers are currently working on. First off, a jogging app has been written, which is linked to the Bing API so it can track the distance traveled by the user. Another app is Alien Sokoban. It appears to be a simple game where you need to collect some gems with the least moves you can. Pretty Windows-like, according to us. Other products are a weather app with a nice cartoon interface, a horoscope app, basic paint program, screenshot maker and an app that will let you create Microsoft Tags with your phone.

Of course, these aren't that impressive at all, but still every mobile OS should have such simple offerings. And everyone needs to start somewhere, isn't that right?

source: FuzeMobility

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