Microsoft showcases games for WP7S created with XNA Game Studio 4.0

Microsoft showcases games for WP7S created with XNA Game Studio 4.0
One of things we do want to see Windows Phone 7 Series bring is games with better 3D graphics. We know this particular element of the operating system will attract some special attention at MIX10, but frankly, we just cannot wait until then and feel eager to find out more here and now. Fortunately, guys from Engadget have attended a presentation of two titles that are being developed for Windows Phone 7 Series. Although the participants were strictly forbidden from taking pictures at the video presentation of the titles, our colleagues got permission to publish several snapshots. And we have to admit the images make us truly hopeful indeed.

Battle Punks is the less impressive of the two. It seems this will be a game focused on battling a single opponent with various weapons. You will be able to purchase multiple items and personalize your character to give him or her a truly unique appearance. It is still unknown, however, whether or not the title supports multiplayer, but we certainly hope it does.

The Harvest supposedly offers an overall gameplay that is pretty similar to Diablo and Dungeon Siege – in other words, you will have to fight your way to victory and clear ominous dungeons from their evil inhabitants (although it´s still anyone´s guess if the title offers RPG elements). Despite its stationary camera, the game will feature varied, true 3D graphics and visuals and what we can see in the pictures is downright impressive indeed.

Both games have been created with XNA Game Studio 4.0. It seems the whole development process will prove to be fairly uncomplicated on the overall, given the demo version of The Harvest took its creators less than „two-three weeks” to prepare. Moreover, developers using XNA will be able to easily port their work for the new software environment. Unfortunately, XNA Game Studio 4.0 is based on Direct3D, meaning there is simply no easy way of converting games based on OpenGL ES to Windows Phone 7 Series. This, however, doesn´t seem to stop companies like Oberon, Sega, Glu, EA, Popcap, Hudson Entertainment, Namco, Konami and Microsoft Game Studios that appear firmly intent on creating games for the new operating system.

We do hope we see many videos of games for Windows Phone 7 Series at MIX10 and that all of them will be readily available to the wide audience.

source: Engadget



1. warhed

Posts: 56; Member since: Mar 07, 2010

Looks like wm7 games are gonna kick some crapple arse! Just saying....

2. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

im glad to see that MS is actually FINALLY incorperating their XNA tools into their WM. That may make a real deciding factor for the younger guys that love high tech cell phones and video games. If they can create an intuitive experience like android, kick ass games, open development with a CENTRAL market, and included office suites and Ereaders, they may have a real winner finally.

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