EA's Tetris mobile games will no longer be playable come April

EA's Tetris mobile games will no longer be playable come April
EA published a couple of Tetris mobile games several years ago, which, unfortunately, will no longer be playable starting April. The publisher has already confirmed that it will end support for Tetris 2011 and Tetris Blitz on both Android and iOS platforms and informed those who bought the games that they won't be able to continue to play them come April.

The apps aren't listed in the Google Play Store or App Store and those who open the games right now are met with the following message from EA:

We understand that this might be frustrating for those who invested money in these games, but it looks like it's not EA's fault. Last year, The Tetris Company and N3TWORK reached an agreement where the latter will be the exclusive developer and publisher of new Tetris games for mobile devices worldwide, excluding China.

The statement from The Tetris Company obtained by Gizmodo mentions that as a result of the agreement, EA was forced to retire its Tetris, Tetris Premium and Tetris Blitz games as of April 21.

The good news is a new Tetris mobile game has been released for Android device and it's now available for download via Google Play Store. It's made by N3TWORK, so it won't disappear anytime soon.

Sadly, its iOS counterpart is missing and there's no telling when N3TWORK will make it available. However, we do expect a lot of new Tetris mobile games from N3TWORK soon after those made by EA will “expire.”

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