Droidthing database aims to shout "Order!" to the batallion of Android devices

Droidthing database aims to shout "Order!" to the batallion of Android devices
Droidthing is an online database for search and comparison of Android-based gadgets. The interface is very polished and easy to use, and the site has nice visuals.

The search function is based on a number of criteria, including carrier, chipset type, and even price. The database, however, seems to include only the most popular gizmos for now. We checked all options for search and Droidthing returned just 53 devices to choose from, and we know there are many, many more - our own database returns 150 Android devices we've either reviewed or written about, and that's not including many devices sold in China or India, for example.

Anyway, it's still in its nascence, so hopefully the database will expand. What they compensate with, is visual candy, and a lot of it. There is also a discussion forum, which is unpopulated for now. If you are curious to try it, head over to the link in the source.

source: Droidthing



4. droidthing unregistered

Thanks for the feedback, cythe. We did have some datafails at launch, unfortunately, but they've been cleaned up. I hope you'll give us another try.

2. cythe unregistered

It displays incorrect data for phones. 1. Motorola XT720 is supposed to record 720fps video 2. Most of the phones that have a 5 mp camera are listed with 3 mp camera instead 3. Nexus One has "600mAh" battery. They should get their facts right!!!!

1. asdfgh unregistered

phonearena creates 4 or 5 entries per phone though. When a phone is being 'speculated' on or 'rumored on' they end up having an entry for each possible name of the phone, with repeated specifications. so saying that phonearena has a 150, might be exaggeration.

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