Droid Incredible gets mysterious OTA upgrade folllowing complaints with signal strength indicator

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Droid Incredible gets mysterious OTA upgrade folllowing complaints with signal strength indicator
Remember the old days when word would spread about a possible malfunction with a cellphone. By the time an upgrade was issued, the owners 2 year contract would already be on the verge of expiration. These days, things happen much more quickly. For example, you might have heard something about that new Android model for Verizon, the HTC Droid Incredible. Actually, you would have to be Rip Van Winkle not to have heard about this new flagship model for Big Red. Well, no sooner was the phone launched on April 29th than some owners have been complaining about a lagging signal indicator. Some of those who just had to buy the HTC Droid Incredible to replace their "over-the-hill" Motorola DROID were noticing that the former unit would show just 2 lines of signal strength in areas where the latter had 4 bars. Instead of having to scream loud and long for someone to hear them, a mysterious OTA upgrade was sent out to certain Droid Incredible owners. The picture below shows the last 3 numbers of the build number going to 494, up from 493. The software number now ends in .2 instead of .0. While Verizon has been mum this weekend, probably getting ready for Cinco de Mayo, one might expect the upgrade to deal with the lagging signal strength indicator problem. Phandroid did a poll to see what was troubling Droid Incredible users and 58% of those polled, choosing from 1 out of 6 possibilities, noted that the phone has great call quality but shows too few bars. Hey, isn't that what the complaint was about in the first place? If you were one of the Droid Incredible users to receive the update, let us know if it fixed any problems you might have had with the signal indicator-or any problem, really.

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source: Phandroid


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