Do you think foldable smartphones are the future? Could they replace current phones?

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Samsung is widely perceived to have reached its success in phones by being a 'quick follower', implementing innovation and features that others have first introduced, but it was also the innovator in many cases.

Samsung's biggest contribution to the current phone market is probably the introduction of the 'phablet' category with the Galaxy Note series. These days, the 5.3" Galaxy Note would not even be considered a proper phablet, as the title is usually reserved for phones 5.5" and bigger.

As most other innovation in the smartphone space becomes gradual rather than radical, recent rumors agree that Samsung has finally broken all barriers towards a major new phone category: the foldable phone. Previously only depicted in make-believe concept videos, but never in a real, mass-market product, the foldable phone has been a dream the caliber of sci-fi mirages like the jetpack.

Now, Samsung is said to be preparing the first foldable smartphones that will have a 5" screen in their unfolded form, but that could fold out to an 8" tablet-like device, in early 2017. Just like the original Galaxy Note from way back in 2011, the promise is even bigger than we might think now. And just like then, Samsung is again way ahead of its competitors with this idea. At least that's the optimistic take on Samsung's foldable phone, a device that no one has seen yet. Do you share that optimism? Do you think that foldable phones will replace the current, 'regular' phones? Or will they be a niche? Vote in the poll and let us know your thoughts on this emerging technology in the comments right below.

Do you think foldable phones are the future?

Yes, they have the potential to replace current phones
No, does not seem like they have that potential
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