Do you still think that OnePlus 2 is the best value-for-money phone?

Do you still think that OnePlus 2 is the best value-for-money phone?
The closest competitor to the newly-announced OnePlus 2 handset are the Lenovo K80/P90 - a dual-SIM 5.5-incher with 13 MP OIS camera, 4GB/64GB memory, and a huge 4000 mAh battery, stuffed in a chassis thinner than the OnePlus 2, and going for about $300. Then there is the Asus Zenfone 2 with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of storage, which can be had for about $300, too, and also features a 5.5" 1080p display plus 13 MP camera on the back, just like the OnePlus 2.

Those two phones are lacking some of the features that the OnePlus team placed in its second handset, like a USB Type-C connector, laser autofocus, or a fingerprint scanner, but they do have NFC, for instance, unlike the OnePlus 2. In any case, we wanted to ask you if you still consider the OnePlus 2 the best value-for-money handset, like its predecessor undoubtedly was when announced. 

On paper, the OnePlus 2 delivers Snapdragon 810, OIS camera with laser autofocus, USB-C, a 4GB/64GB combo, unique side and home buttons, and all the rest of the jazz for less than $400. There is still an invite system, though, and considering last year's time lag before the phone was widely available for the announced price, we are curious what you think about this year's OnePlus edition. Take your pick, and sound off below.

Do you still think that OnePlus 2 is the best value-for-money phone?

Yes, as long as there is actual availability
No, there are better options out there

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  • Display 5.5" 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • Camera 13 MP / 5 MP front
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, Octa-core, 1800 MHz
  • Storage 64 GB
  • Battery 3300 mAh



1. Hallyu

Posts: 790; Member since: Jul 21, 2015

The only premium about this phone is the 810 chip but everything else are midrange like : LCD 1080p No UFS 2.0? No NFC No wireless charging No quickcharging Cheap build So to say that this phone is a flagship with cheap price tag is totally WRONG!

6. Roshi unregistered

More likely the only not-premium thing about this phone is the 810 chip. "No UFS 2.0?" If thats the case then there are only 2 flagship devices in earth for now.

8. bur60

Posts: 981; Member since: Jul 07, 2014

Ufs is a gimmick

9. Roshi unregistered

I don't know why this literally made me laugh haha.

17. bur60

Posts: 981; Member since: Jul 07, 2014

Hahahha what i mean is it isnt needed

15. Hallyu

Posts: 790; Member since: Jul 21, 2015

Yes, fingerprint scanner is also gimmick. Now others started to adopt it.

32. j2001m

Posts: 3061; Member since: Apr 28, 2014

What are you in about, a gimmick, are you joking me, it's close to 3 x faster than emmc

13. Hallyu

Posts: 790; Member since: Jul 21, 2015

Did you read what they said: "2016 flagship killer"? Of course UFS 2.0 is much expensive than the regular memory, so they aren't willing to include that for you. Even the 5.5" should be QHD. They are fooling you, and you just fall for it.

40. Niva.

Posts: 440; Member since: Jan 05, 2015

Some people really don't want a QHD screen on anything under 6 inches, it serves no practical purpose for us other than reducing performance. While UFS 2.0 is great it is expensive, and I'm not sure it's the memory vs. the controller or both, but this is not what phones are currently struggling with in the mainstream as little writes are required to the phone's memory in general (there are exceptions of course like recording videos.)

19. jellmoo

Posts: 2588; Member since: Oct 31, 2011

So, the only real flagship available is the Galaxy S6/edge?

22. Droid5

Posts: 10; Member since: Jul 08, 2015


25. jellmoo

Posts: 2588; Member since: Oct 31, 2011

Doesn't have UFS 2.0, a fingerprint sensor or wireless charging.

33. Plutonium239

Posts: 1215; Member since: Mar 17, 2015

Wireless charging is more of a gimmick, in my opinion. It requires a more expensive charging pad accessory that is not included and not many people use that feature. It charges slower, it has to be positioned perfectly... etc... Many phones in the past offered wireless charging via accessory covers, but they never took off because they were expensive and so were the charging pads.

21. harvardale

Posts: 51; Member since: Jul 22, 2011

Agreed. Killer phone for the price point, but it's hard to call it a flagship killer.

23. gaming64 unregistered

It was called a flagship killer because of aggressive pricing not to mention the phone having flagship specs. Enlighten me with you opinion, dumbass.

27. ph00ny

Posts: 2031; Member since: May 26, 2011

Oddly enough, quickcharging is supported by SD810 but might have been left out due to USB type C connector and no NFC is baffling

42. Plutonium239

Posts: 1215; Member since: Mar 17, 2015

USB type c connector supports fast charging...

43. arch_angel

Posts: 1651; Member since: Feb 20, 2015

The 810 Should perform fine, cause the phone only has 1080p which i think is a good thing and the phone isn't super thin so the 810 has some room to breath. The phone is defiantly a flagship more so than the zenfone 2 anyway.

2. Kruze

Posts: 1285; Member since: Dec 30, 2014

Nope, there are better options out there. Lack of common features on flagships, and middle finger to Snapdragon 810. #SayNoToSnapdragon810

28. stijnvbrummelen

Posts: 41; Member since: Dec 20, 2013

The Snapdragon 810 is not a real bad choice anymore. The One M9, Z3+ and G Flex 2 had huge problems with it, but newer smartphones perform really good on this chip and dont get to hot. The Nubia Z9, Axon phone and Xiaomi Mi Note pro dont overheat and perform really good when gaming intensive. So the chip should not be a huge problem.

37. BaffledTruffle

Posts: 523; Member since: Dec 07, 2013

Nah. The Mi Note Pro also overheats. Weren't you reading from this site? It was rather disappointing because everyone sort of held their breaths for the 810 version 2 but in the end, it still was a mini-stove. That chip really made OEM's pockets hurt.

39. TechNeck

Posts: 651; Member since: Aug 29, 2014

I agree. +1

3. sergiobr

Posts: 718; Member since: Feb 25, 2013

Someone here talks about a blue tint, and a lot of failures , so what's the objective ??? Throw your money away ? No, I prefer to pay more and have quality.

10. HugoBarraCyanogenmod

Posts: 1412; Member since: Jul 06, 2014

You sound like an ifans, overpriced = quality, nothing news

14. sergiobr

Posts: 718; Member since: Feb 25, 2013

No, I had some cheaper before and now I got Note 4 and a m$1020 and I'm resolved.

4. RajRicardo

Posts: 495; Member since: Feb 28, 2014

I'd wait for individual reviews before making a comment.

38. BaffledTruffle

Posts: 523; Member since: Dec 07, 2013

Poll would be closed by then, though.

5. NonFanBoy

Posts: 180; Member since: May 28, 2015

Just wanted to make it clear that most 4GB RAM options in the market currently are of the LPDDR3 variety as compared to One Plus 2 (and Xiaomi Mi Note Pro) which offers LPDDR4 RAM. LPDDR4 is almost twice as fast and consumes much less power as compared to LPDDR3. This, coupled with the fast finger print sensor, a very promising camera (I don't think there are many other phones with OIS at this price range), close to stock UI, the USB Type C connector and the best Snapdragon Processor currently in the market (hoping that the over heating issues are now addressed) make it a brilliant phone. At this price point, I don't think any other phone can match the One Plus Two. The Xiaomi Mi 5 will give it tough competition though when its released.

7. Roshi unregistered

With throttling and 1080p, lets see how much heating affects.

34. Plutonium239

Posts: 1215; Member since: Mar 17, 2015

The 3 year old Lumia 1020 with 41mp sensor and OIS can still be found for around $500 or more...

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