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Do you own a tablet? Have you upgraded it recently?

Tablets used to be the next "big" thing in personal computing. The device that is bigger and more powerful than a smartphone, but not as cumbersome as a laptop. Now, a few years later, phablets ate one side of the tablet niche, while super-light laptops and ultrabooks ate at the other.

So, the tablet market is stagnating. The Apple iPads are pretty much the only slates that one may say "sell well", and the Microsoft Surface Pro family of usper-powered tablets has its share of devout fans. But, in general, these are devices that rarely get upgraded, which is why many manufacturers who are still in the game have pretty wonky refresh cycles for them.

Do you currently own a tablet? And if yes, how old is it?

Have a tablet? How old is it?

I have a brand-new one
Mine is a year or two old
Have one, more than a couple of years old
Mine is ancient. Hey, I think it still powers up!
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