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Distiller whiskey app for Android serves both the rough, and the sophisticated drinkers

Distiller is a new Android app built with the whiskey lover in mind. Get the history, the rankings, the recommendations, and comment on your favorite brands, sharing impressions with other whiskey fans all over the world.

History of the particular brand and type? Check. Sine waves of the flavor blend? Check. Rating, jotting down notes, and creating your own personalized top shelf? Check. You have to create an account for that last one, but it is well worth the effort, as Distiller has it all, and quickly becomes your one-stop-shop for all things whiskey. 

Heck, it even has articles explaining the controversy of having two ways to spell the beverage: "whisky" and "whiskey". We'll ruin the surprise, but if it is American or Irish, you should spell it with an "e", as a general rule of thumb. The rift dates back to the 1800's, when the Irish wanted to differentiate from the "inferior" Scottish produce, and added one more letter to their blends when it was exported for America. This, and many other interesting tidbits are all within an easy reach on Distiller.

In addition to novice whiskey fans' reviews and anecdotal purchases, the app hosts the so-called Tasting Table, where experts who specialize in various types of whiskey duke it out. They write professional reviews on both popular and obscure bottles, and rate the spirit, which can then be easily matched with user reviews on the label, and their own aggregated final score. If you are a whiskey aficionado with an Android device, make sure to check Distiller out with the link below.

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