Did Google leave Multi-Touch off Android at Apple's request?

Did Google leave Multi-Touch off Android at Apple's request?
An intriguing story-all unofficial-might explain why the Android OS can support Multi-Touch functions but actually has none. Now if you turn the lights off and close your eyes, I will tell you this bedtime story. It seems that a member of the Android team told this source that the reason there is no Multi-Touch on Android is simply that Apple asked that it not be included on Google's open source OS. Considering the bickering back and forth between the guys from Cupertino and Palm over the Multi-Touch functions on the Pre, this Android team member said that they were happy that Google agreed to the request. There are plenty of relationships between Apple and Google. For example, Eric Schmidt, the latter firm's CEO is on the former firm's Board of Directors. So if you believe this story, it is the combination of the relationships between the two companies and that fact that Apple's patents actually have some teeth to them that put the fear of Jobs into Google and explains why the Android OS does not have Multi-Touch. Sleepy now? Nighty-night.

source: VentureBeat

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