Developer’s story: 13 years old, 20 Windows Phone apps

Developer’s story: 13 years old, 20 Windows Phone apps
At 13 years old, you’ve probably already done many things, but you most probably haven’t developed nearly 20 apps for Windows Phone 7. That is, unless your name is Johnny Simmons, aka developer-in-chief at SimzzDev. The thirteen-year-old not only managed to write the code and publish the apps, but also nailed the first prize at a Windows Phone Unleashed event with his Signature application.

Here’s a brief summary of the career of Mr. Simmons:
-    Started 9 months ago
-    Learned by watching videos online
-    Initially developed games, drawing applications

If that’s not enough of an inspirational story, you could check out the video below where Bruce Kyle from Microsoft interviews the young developer who did all the research about his coding by himself. To try some of his creations on your handset, you could just type in SimzzDev in the Marketplace. Now, it seems eight-grader Robert Nay, who built an app climbing to number one in the free apps on Apple’s App Store, finally got some serious competition.

source: MSDN



1. JSern

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2. Jimdorky unregistered

Future Bill Gates?

4. r2212xx

Posts: 41; Member since: Apr 18, 2011

Yes he somewhat looks like Bill Gates from early 80's...

5. Jc Leon unregistered

Great ! ! This is an example about what we could do using the Internet in the right way .. Excelent Post ... @jc_razek


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Props to this guy.

9. bosmobi unregistered


11. Goldeneye

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if it weren't for kids like this one, there would be no Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc. this is the person we'd love to be period.

12. ani97 unregistered

This kid has a bright future in him. Who knows? he might even turn out to be the next bill gates..

13. john unregistered

Looks a carbon copy of the younger bill gates minus the choco teeth :)

16. rashod

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i like this guy..goood work dood thubs up.... i wish i will him...

17. Lizzie

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