14-year-old kid is the developer behind the #1 free app in the App Store

14-year-old kid behind the #1 free app in the App Store

Last week a curious puzzler app calledBubble Ball topped the free apps list in the App Store anddethroned Angry Birds. And unlike most successful titles, this onedoesn't have a team of highly paid programmers. Actually, there is noteam, just one person. Its creator is probably one of the youngestprogramming talents out there – he is just 14 years old.

Eight grader Robert Nay spent acouple of hours every day for more than a month developing theapplication, which has been downloaded over two million times in twoweeks. The code reached 4,000 lines in length, but it was notonly about length – it was about willpower also as young Nayovercame moments when he thought that finishing the game was“impossible.” The original concept and everything except for thedesign of a couple of levels belongs to the kid, according to hismother.

The prodigy came up with the idea andthen found out about Ansca Mobile's Corona SDK in the public library,which aided the development. Don't be toosurprised – Robert Nay built his first website in thirdgrade. And he promises that his fame will not be short lived as a newapp is in the works, but this time it will not be free. Well, thefirst million is the hardest they say, but Nay is on his way ofproving everyone wrong...at 14 years old.

source: iTunesvia ABC

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