Detour ahead: latest Google Maps beta disrupts Android Auto navigation

Detour ahead: latest Google Maps beta disrupts Android Auto navigation
The latest beta update to Google Maps is causing some Android Auto users to experience issues with the navigation app. These things are always possible, that's why it's a beta version, but this issue seems to be making the entire app crash instead of just glitching.

Several forum reports indicate about Google Maps crashing in Android Auto. Luckily, the rest of the Android Auto experience works. Launching Google Maps is what seems to be an issue right now. However, the app on phones is fully functional.

It seems that Google Maps for Android beta version 11.132.0100 is the culprit. This version was released on June 3. The issue impacts Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and other Android phones, and we expect Google to issue a patch to fix it shorty.

Some users on the stable version of Google Maps have also reported issues, but the majority of reports come from people on the beta. If you want to leave the beta, you can do so through the Play Store. After that, find App Info, then go to the overflow menu and tap on "Uninstall updates". Then, return to Google Play and update to the latest stable version.

This bug seems annoying but at the same time, beta versions are still versions in development and I find it understandable that they might not work as expected. After all, that's a risk all users on beta should be well aware of. Getting to see cool features before they're officially launched comes with this trade-off, usually.

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