Dell Venue Pro now suffering SIM card problems in replaced units

Dell Venue Pro now suffering SIM card problems in replaced units
Dell Venue Pro, the shiny QWERTY keyboard addition to the Windows Phone 7 family, was plagued by problems since day one of its launch. First, there was the November 8th launch of the device accompanied by stark shortages. Then, there was the Wi-Fi radio struggling to connect to secured networks and some camera-related problems. Lastly, Dell promised to replace units with faulty Wi-Fi radios, but it appears now that some of those replacements have a problem recognizing SIM cards.
Dan Seiden summed up the issue on the XDA-Dev forum from a user standpoint: “I tried three different SIM cards in two other units and none of them would take the card. Getting home and looking over the forums it seems this was happening with all the units that had gone out.” Dell Venue Pro had the looks of a winner with a slide-out keyboard and a 4.1-inch Gorilla Glass display, but now with that many problems, many users reported switching to a different Windows Phone 7 device such as the HTC HD7. In any case, our recommendation is to check out the device at the point of purchase before you buy it.

Just several days ago, Dell promised a “bigger scale” launch of the Venue Pro. Hopefully, that comes with all the bugs fixed. Would you wait for the big launch?

source: XDA-Dev via WMPoweruser

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