Deja Vu all over again as Verizon rejected first crack at Google Phone?

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Deja Vu all over again as Verizon rejected first crack at Google Phone?
There are many who believe the story that Verizon had first crack at the Apple iPhone, but turned down Steve Jobs because of all the things he was seeking. After the success of the iPhone, no one would expect the same thing to happen again. It would be just like the guy at Decca Records-Dick Rowe-who turned down Beatles manager Brian Epstein in 1961, telling him that , "Really, Brian. Groups with two guitars are on the way out," being given the chance to sign the Stones and passing up on that, too. But alas, according to Peter Kafka writing in "All Things Digital", the reason why the Nexus One is a GSM model is because Verizon turned down Google and so far has refused to help them push the device. Perhaps Verizon is really, really believing its own PR about the DROID.

Meanwhile, the brainiacs at XDA made a video of the animation that plays when you turn on your Google Phone. They also discovered a mysterious file that is called GenieWidget.apk. A little more work and XDA will be able to offer an update file that will upgrade your Android phone to the 2.1 version. Of course, that would risk bricking your device or voiding the warranty, so keep that in mind. Besides the video, we also have a couple of new pix of the Nexus One which is quickly becoming the most photographed device on earth.

source: AllThingsDigitalXDA-developers via Phandroid


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