Deal: Snag a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or HTC One M9 unlocked for under $380

Deal: Snag a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or HTC One M9 unlocked for under $380
With the Galaxy Note 5 almost here, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 -- with its microSD slot and all -- can be had for cheap. Along with the HTC One M9, you can score either of these devices on eBay for well under $400, and although they are refurbished and thus not pristine, those looking for premium on a budget may still be tempted. The 32 GB One M9 is currently up for just $379.99, while the Note 4 is even cheaper at $369.99, and both are listed as being in 'limited quantity'.

At this kind of price point, even a refurb may seem quite tough to turn down, but in this instance, the arguably more difficult decision is in determining which model to pick up. If you like larger displays, removable batteries and would entertain the idea of using a stylus (or S Pen, as Samsung calls it), then you may want to try the Galaxy Note 4. Indeed, it outperformed the One M9 in our real-life speed test, and while HTC's flagship is polished in that premium unibody housing, power users will likely pit their faith in Samsung on this occasion. 

Keep in mind that while both devices are unlocked and will therefore work just fine on any GSM carriers worldwide, those on T-Mobile will only hit HSPA on the 1900 MHz network. LTE will still be attainable wherever coverage permits, but if you are a T-Mo user, it's something to consider if you are serious about purchasing. 

The early glimpses of the Galaxy Note 5, set to be announced later this month, are promising, with a neat design à la the Galaxy S6. But the lack of expandable memory and removable battery is likely to rub some consumers up the wrong way, and if you prefer flexibility, $369.99 is a very decent offer on the current Note. 

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