CyanogenMod offers custom 'C-Apps' suite to all users on latest build

CyanogenMod is lauded as one of the better pieces of aftermarket Android-based firmware, and is particularly popular with fans of heavy tweaking and UX modification. The Cyanogen OS, which runs on devices like the OnePlus One, is a similar party of customization that also includes the popular C-Apps package. Therein, users get an alternative Gallery and Dialer, Cyanogen Accounts, a Boxer-powered e-mail client, AudioFX for better audio options and a tailor-made theming utility. Now, Cyanogen is bringing said app suite to those running the traditional CyanogenMod as an optional download.

Hitherto, CyanogenMod users have not been able to get started with C-Apps, but as of the recent announcement, anybody running an up-to-date CyanogenMod build can hop aboard. Provided that your device meets this prerequisite, you can grab C-Apps by navigating over to the CyanogenMod site, which is available via the source link. 

Within C-Apps, you get a slew of Cyanogen OS apps, along with a custom theming store and the option to theme apps individually, should you so wish. As you can see from the images, CM is very easy on the eye, and with Cyanogen's continued efforts to promote security and privacy, it's little wonder that many of its users swear by the custom firmware. 

The C-Apps custom Gallery app (left) and Email client powered by Boxer
By leaving C-Apps' installation to the discretion of the user, CyanogenMod can remain the lightweight package that its users have grown to love. Meanwhile, those who've longed for some of the custom apps offered by the Cyanogen OS can now finally take advantage of the additional functionality on offer. 


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