Conduit adds support for no-coding creation of Windows Phone apps

Conduit adds support for no-coding creation of Windows Phone apps
The more easy tools to create apps for a platform, the more apps get pushed into that platform's app market, and as we all know, the total number of apps available is a huge indicator of whether or not consumers will actually give that platform any respect. Windows Phone has been on a tear, recently passing the 71,000 app mark.

This is big news, and now there could be an even bigger boom in Windows Phone apps. Conduit has been a great tool for iOS, Android and BlackBerry, which allows people to create apps without coding anything at all. And of course, removing the barrier to entry of the ability to code means a lot more apps. Recently, Conduit added Windows Phone to its tool, allowing the creation of apps with no coding necessary. 

This will obviously also lead to quite a bit more crapware being submitted to the Windows Phone Marketplace, so we'll have to see how well Microsoft's approval process works. Still, it should be interesting to see how long it takes Conduit to add Windows 8 support, since we've seen that porting from Windows Phone Mango to Windows 8 can be done very easily

source: Conduit


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