Windows Phone dev changes just 10% of its app code for a Win 8 port, Mango apps compatible with Apollo

Windows Phone dev changes just 10% of its app code for a Win 8 port, Mango apps compatible with Apollo
A Windows Phone developer who made the word game AlphaDrops tried to port it for the upcoming Windows 8 platform, and was happy to see he only had to change about 10% of the code, as the underlying code was found to be very similar. Other devs are reporting similar results in the comments section.

That's good news for WP coders who would want to port the 60, 000+ applications for the mobile OS to Windows 8's application store. With the upcoming Apollo version, the alleged Windows Phone 8, the porting process should be even easier, as it is said to share the same kernel with Win 8.

In fact, a recent job posting by Microsoft hinted that Redmond is striving for automated compatibility tests of apps written for Mango when Apollo arrives later in the year. "Automated testing of marketplace applications written for Mango, but running on Apollo. Write code, file bugs", reads the posting, debunking the rumors that were being spread that the apps will have compatibility issues.



1. 7thspaceman

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this is really a good thing for the Windows 8 tablet experience because if a tablet comes to market without Apps it is not very useful to perspective buyers. i hope other developers have a good experience transforming Windows 7.5 mango apps into Windows 8 tablet apps. the blue stacks app that enables Android Apps to run on windows computers is another App already available to help make Windows 8 Tablets have thousands upon thousands Android apps to make windows 8 Tablets very useful when thay enter the market place but Microsoft must have great app s for the 7 main things People use tablets for which are 1=reading/sending email, 2 reading E books. 3=listening to and buying music, 4=internet based TV & movies.& Videos, 5=surfing the Web for educational information. 6= Internet shopping/buying, 7=Playing games. I call them the mighty 7 because if a Tablet comes to market with the right Apps that do these 7 things well it WILL be a WINNER.

2. thelegend6657 unregistered

sadly his game sucks

3. snowgator

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Things are shaping up nicely for WP8. If the world doesn't end on 12/21/12, Microsoft will have a jolly 2013.

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