Computer Aided Design of the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus appear (UPDATE)

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While we are still roughly four months away from the unveiling of the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus, a tweet from NWE editor Steve Hemmerstoffer's @OnLeaks Twitter account reportedly shows CAD images of the next iPhone models. As you can see, changes to the newer versions of the phone include the removal of the two antenna lines on the back cover, and the addition of a Smart Connector port on the larger Apple iPhone 7 Plus. And there are more coming, but first let's step back for a moment.

UPDATE: Hemmerstoffer, as his alter-ego OnLeaks, has created a video clip from his CAD image of the iPhone 7. You can see it in the video on top of this story.

The images purportedly come from Catcher, a sub-contractor that works for Apple. And if you think that this CAD design might be off base, two years ago a leaked CAD image of the previously unseen Apple iPhone 6revealed the exact look of the phone a good six months before its unveiling, down to the antenna lines and the protruding camera. The images that accompany this story are about three to four months old, which means that they are about the same age as the ones we showed you in March 2014 that perfectly captured the iPhone 6 in advance.

Speaking of the camera, the images reveal a dual camera setup for the larger iPhone 7 Plus. And while the rear cameras on both new iPhone models protrude, this year there will be no ring that circles around the lenses. Also missing from this year's iPhones will be the 3.5mm headphone jack. That means that those looking for some audio privacy might have to use earphone or headphones that work with the Lightning port. Eliminating the headphone jack could make it easier to waterproof the iPhone as one less port will mean one fewer way that water can seep into the internals of the phone. Removing the earphone jack can also help Apple make the device thinner, or allow the company to use some of the left over real estate to stuff a larger capacity juicer into the phone.

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Apple is like the Queen on a chessboard right now, as far as the iPhone is concerned. It can go in almost any direction and it won't give away any hints of where it is going until it is time for it to make its move.

source: uSwitch, @OnLeaks

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