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Come see the Samsung Galaxy S4 running on Tizen

Come see the Samsung Galaxy S4 running on Tizen
The latest word we had on Tizen is that Samsung plans to officially introduce the platform at its Developers Conference next month. This comes after several rumors, including a tweet from Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, said that the OS was DOA. While relations between Google and Samsung appear to be alright for the moment, there are other reasons for Samsung to want to keep developing Tizen besides keeping Google in its place. The theory is that Google does not want to lose the number one Android producer, and Tizen gives Samsung some leverage in dealings between the two giants.

A series of pictures from Tizen Indonesia shows version 3.0 of the OS running on a Samsung Galaxy S4. What you see might not be what you get as further changes could be made to the UI before the platform is launched on a device. According to the site, that launch won't happen until Q1 of next year.

On the other hand, nothing ever is what it seems when talking about Tizen, launch dates and specific Tizen powered devices. We've seen our share of alleged Tizen driven handsets and certain launch dates never come to fruition, so let's just call this a situation in flux for the time being.

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source: TizenIndonesia (translated)
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