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Samsung postpones launch of first Tizen smartphone?

Tizen launch postponed
While the first Tizen OS smartphone by Samsung were expected to launch in August or September of 2013, it seems like that is not going to happen as planned. According to reports by Korean media, the tech giant is postponing the launch of this device (or devices) by a couple of months. In other words, Tizen powered handsets likely won't be on the market earlier than October or November, 2013.

The reason behind the delay is said to be related to the software ecosystem, which Samsung wants to build prior to releasing its first Tizen smartphone. Simply put, the company prefers to build a solid catalog of apps and then make the smartphone official, not the other way around. 

The very first Samsung Tizen OS smartphone, bearing a model name GT-I8800, is expected to be a high-end device, although exact hardware specifications have yet to be revealed. We also believe that the Tizen smartphones after it might be of the mid-range tier, powered by last year's Exynos 4412 SoC, also found inside the Samsung Galaxy S III

source: inews24 via Techkiddy
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