Cobra premieres PhoneTag mobile protection for valuables

Cobra premieres PhoneTag mobile protection for valuables
Cobra, popular for its radar mobile devices, announced 50 years of being in business and launched its latest Cobra PhoneTag system. PhoneTag is set to prevent valuables from theft through a Bluetooth tagging system notifying you if the item is being left behind.

PhoneTag works with Android, BlackBerry or iPhone and works by attaching a PhoneTag device to your valuables. Then, an app tracks the distance between your phone and the tagged item to provide real-time information about its location. The device also serves as a two-way finder – you can ring your phone by pushing the key on the PhoneTag gadget and you can find your tagged item with your phone.

PhoneTag will be launched at CES taking place in Las Vegas from January 6th. For more details about upcoming tech and what is expected, check out our page as we will be at the show.

source: PhoneHalo via PR Newswire


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1. dan_md

Posts: 66; Member since: Oct 19, 2010

Neat. Except that it will consume your battery power and make your phone more vulnerable with the open bluetooth connection (a minor annoyance, really).

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