Cobra's iRadar integrates radar detection with the iPhone

Cobra's iRadar integrates radar detection with the iPhone
Cobra, the maker of radar detection devices, is coming out with an iPhone-integrated solution. The iRadar Detection System will involves a top-tier radar detector paired via Bluetooth to an app on your iPhone.

iRadar will use the phone's GPS to allow users to log their own encountered threats, and view a database of previously encountered threats. The interface will be on a live map on the iPhone, which will also display the car's speed and compass heading. And maybe this isn't a selling point, but it also displays the vehicle's battery level.

The database of road hazards will include speed traps, red light cameras, and dangerous intersections. If you're shopping for a James Bond wannabe motorist this year, the iRadar will make the perfect gift.

As a standalone unit, the iRadar radar detector provides 360 degrees of coverage, and audible alerts that increase in volume in proportion to the proximity of the threat. When combined with the iPhone app, the user will also get the visual functions of iRadar, plus the ability to customize alerts, i.e. turning off red light camera alerts, etc.

The iRadar Detection System is available now for $170.

source: Cobra via Electronista



1. Knob unregistered

Get trapster instead. Cheaper.

2. cc16177

Posts: 312; Member since: May 09, 2010

Trapster is not a radar detector. Trapster is only as accurate as it's users, where this actually detects the signal being projected from the radar gun...

3. kg4icg

Posts: 83; Member since: May 18, 2008

Come in to Virginia using that and you just might get your cellphone smashed or confiscated. Another thing is you can't detect VASCAR with that unless you know of a way of defeating time itself.

4. woe2u unregistered

VASCAR is not full proof method and is questionable. Hence, that hard to beat in court. Read: The only way to beat any of it, is to drive the speed limit. BUT that's not reality. Most of law enforcement are pretty forgiving with speed but if you think you're a living out your fantasies from the fast & furious then yeah, you're gonna get caught. Trapster SUCKS! Plain and simple. The it relies on gather the information is by it's users and that just lights up Trapster ALL the time. Not to mention the annoying alerts. Most of which are not valid. I like the way Cobra's iRadar allows you to enter you're own warning points. The iPhone integration is pretty interesting. This is especially handy if you take a certain route all the time and know more or less where most of the hot spots are located. Customizing it for you is alluring. I'm sure better ways will come along but for now this looks pretty good. It would be nice if it jammed the signals as well. In all fairness, I haven't tried the "iRadar" but I'd be curious to see how it really works in the real world. If anybody can provide some detail links to reviews on this product then what would be great.

5. Rob unregistered

that's another reason why Virginia sucks!

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