Cluzee is the Siri for non iOS devices

Cluzee is the Siri for non iOS devices
Siri has become one of the most well known features on the new Apple iPhone 4S. Siri's voice has become so well known that comics have been able to get laughs from imitating the application. Android owners have scoured the Android Market, looking for an app that can duplicate Siri's functionality and now, it appears that Cluzee is the answer.

Ask Cluzee when your next appointment is and the app will tell you when it is, where it is and the time of the appointment. It will also give you what time you need to leave in order to make the appointment and which streets and highways you need to take. Cluzee can also send out email or text messages to those people on your contact list that are involved in the appointment.

While Siri can handle more commands now than Cluzee can at this point, there is nothing that stops future updates from taking the app past Siri. And while the latter is basically locked into the iOS platform, Cluzee will be available on all platforms thanks to HTML5.

With all of the battles that go on between Apple users and Android users, we can just imagine a battle brewing in the future between Siri and Cluzee over which personal assistant is better.  Cluzee will have to improve however, as early reports say that the program is quite buggy.

For those Android users longing for something similar to Siri, we will soon have a full breakdown of all options available on the Android Market, so keep checking in right here!

source: AndroidMarket via Phandroid

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