Circle September 29th as launch day for the T-Mobile G2/Vanguard

Circle September 29th as the launch date for T-Mobile's first HSPA+ phone?
Recently, we reported that the first T-Mobile phone to be enabled with HSPA+ would be the G2 instead of earlier possibilities like the HTC Vanguard or the Vision. In the meantime, as we informed you, a leaked G2 ROM was opened to reveal the name Vanguard being used as a title for the unit's static wallpapers, and the name Vision was also thrown around on the ROM.

None of this would be worth a plugged nickel if not for the leaked photograph of some of the carrier's internal communications showing a September 29th launch for the Vanguard. And if the Vanguard is the same phone as the G2/Vision, it would lead us to proclaim that the date will see the first HSPA+ phone launched by the nation's fourth largest carrier. A pre-order period could get underway as soon as August 31st, so it might be a good time to look for that spare change that you have been dropping under the couch.

T-Mobile G2 Preliminary Specifications

source: TmoNews

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