T-Mobile puts up teaser site for its first HSPA+ model?

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T-Mobile puts up teaser site for its first HSPA+ model?
Recently, T-Mobile tweeted that it would soon introduce the first handset for its HSPA+ network. Today, the carrier put up a teaser site for a device known as the HTC Vanguard. As we reported, the carrier said it planned on offering a smatrphone for its zippy pipelines before the end of the summer, and the expected September 9th launch date for the Vanguard would meet that goal. According to Android and Me, the third Monday in August is supposed to have a big announcement relating to Android.

The Vanguard is expected to sport a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and supposedly has a peak of 14.4Mbps while T-Mobile's HSPA+ network supports speeds up to 21Mbps. With the carrier promoting this network as the largest to offer 4G speeds, the first handset to take advantage of the zippy pipelines is going to get a huge marketing budget by the nation's 4th largest carrier. So don't think that this is all you are going to hear or see about this device. No, this is just the tip of the iceberg and as we get closer to September, you can expect to see a flood of info about the first handset for T-Mobile's HSPA+ network. You can sign up to receive e-mail whenever news occurs about either the network or the new phones for it by signing up at the source link.

source: T-Mobile via AndroidandMe


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