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G2 officially the first HSPA+ device on T-Mobile

Posted: , by Daniel P.

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G2 officially the first HSPA+ device on T-Mobile
The rumored HSPA+ successor to the first Android phone, the G1, has now been officially named the G2, original as it may seem. T-Mobile just updated its teaser site with the generic white device profile, and promises the G2 to be an HSPA+ Android device (duh!), with more information to trickle down in the coming weeks.

That same handset was making the rounds as the HTC Vision earlier on, which, in its turn, was rumored to be like an HTC Desire with a keyboard - 1GHz Snapdragon with 3.7" WVGA display. Whatever the final specs are, the most important feature of the G2 will be its HSPA+ data download speeds with a theoretical peak of 21Mbps, which will more likely be in the realm of 14Mbps. Still, that's a lot more than the current smartphones of the carrier are capable of, and on top of that T-Mobile has deployed its self-proclaimed 4G network in more than 50 metropolitan markets already.

T-Mobile G2 Preliminary Specifications

source: T-Mobile

G2 officially the first HSPA+ device on T-Mobile

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:48

1. Blueman (unregistered)

please tell me... does it make sense for this phone to have a slideout keyboard while T-mobile just recently released the mytouch3g slide?

posted on 18 Aug 2010, 12:41

2. redman123 (unregistered)

The Mytouch Slide doesn't fit everyone. Some people simply prefer phones with physical keyboards, so yes, it does make sense for it to have a keyboard. I can see this phone selling very well.

posted on 18 Aug 2010, 16:51

3. hendrix (unregistered)

Yes it makes sense. I have the Mytouch Slide and the HTC HD2. This phone is these two devices merging together; the hardware of the HTC HD2 in conjunction with Android and the keyboard of the slide. Well played HTC! I'm so excited for this phone to release. From what I've heard they'll be sending the device to android specialists.

posted on 18 Aug 2010, 17:47

4. clevername (Posts: 1436; Member since: 11 Jul 2008)

Phonearena please fact check and get facts straight. According to the teaser site, which I'm guessing is the source of this info since nothing else it cited, T-mobile is not proclaiming this to be their 4G network. They know HSPA+ isn't 4G. What they say is that it's speed is right there with other 4G networks. Exact words were 4G data speeds on their HSPA+ network. They never called it a 4G network. The fine print at the bottom even states it's comparing it to other US 4G network speeds. Furthermore 21MB/s is the theoretical max for HSPA+, or at least T-mobile's, this article states the G2's theoretical limit is 21MB/s, but again the fine print on the teaser site states the devices theoretical max is 14.4. Misinformation is the death of the press.

posted on 18 Aug 2010, 20:49

6. PDXMatt (Posts: 45; Member since: 26 Feb 2007)

All I could do was shake my head at this poorly written story. Thanks for clearing up their misinformation.

posted on 18 Aug 2010, 18:00

5. RORYREVOLUTION (Posts: 3117; Member since: 12 Jan 2010)

If its going to be the successor to the g1 of course it'll have a keyboard.

posted on 19 Aug 2010, 00:03

7. Blueman (unregistered)

the successor to the mytouch was the my touch slide. so how can you say this will have a keyboard for sure

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